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Where might I look to learn what I need to know to create brief processes (a chain of changes) which trigger given a single input?

  1. Users are required to complete a + card in their profile entitled "Initials" when they sign up.
  2. The User with initials XY clicks on a link which reads "Create Blog Entry"
  3. A date card is created using today's date.
  4. A date+XY card is generated.

Whether all date+initials cards are formatted to include commonly used fields, or are just Basic cards, the Blog post creation process would be uniform across the site.


Does this qualify as a Module?


Yes this would be a module (or "pack"), but it requires the half of the packs API which has not yet been implemented: the events api.


That should be ready (and documented) in version before the Wagn 2.0 release.