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While most configuration is done directly on cards...

  • expand_more Wagneering
    Wagneering is the process of creating, configuring, structuring, and evolving Wagn websites.
    To get started wagneering, you really only need to tackle one concept:
  • expand_more Security Configuration
    If you're going to let unregistered users add/edit/comment on cards, we recommend that you use captcha.

...a few kinds of configuration require access to server files:

  • expand_more Mail Configuration
    Wagn's mailer setup inherits directly from rails and is configurable in config/application.rb (in Wagn 1.12.6 and later).   See the rails documentation on mailer configuration ...
  • expand_more Image Issues
    When all is working properly, Wagn stores several versions of an image: icon, small, medium, large, and full.  The preview you see upon uploading an ...