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Editing cards shows HTML source code, not usable form fields

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Initial install doesn't work when trying to edit any cards. HTML tags appear as text without being rendered. ...


I hope you can forgive the frustraion in my tone, but I *am* quite frustrated at this point, and seriously can't take many more problems getting Wagn working.


I have installed (after much more troubleshooting and investigative work than should be needed for someone just wanting to try it out!) a new Wagn system (from git, as suggested) on a Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 Server) box at my office. After nearly screaming in frustration many times at unhelpful error messages -- which mostly turned out to be missing gems, debs, etc. that aren't simply required by the gem or (for debs) clearly listed in the readme as requirements, I have managed to get it to actually run the server script for rails without failing.


However, after registering my own initial admin account using the provided form, I cannot edit any cards at all! They all output HTML code as source text instead of it being interpreted and rendered as intended.


How do I fix this? Is it a setting that's defaulted incorrectly? A (or I should say, Another!) missing gem or deb package? An issue with my particular versions of Chrome and Firefox?? -- What is going on?


Wagn looks extremely interesting as described on your site, and I really *want* to try it out. -- But I've already fought with it so much more than any other wiki I've tried installing, that if I can't make it work soon I'm going to run away screaming, and probably won't bother trying again in the future despite my interest in the card/sub-card metaphor. ... Please, please help! I thought I was finally done fixing *functional* problems when the server started running, but now being hit by yet another failure I'm quite simply at the end of my rope!


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Sorry about the frustration, we definitely want it to be easier too. Thx for the screenshot, that will probably help. I'm not sure what to suggest (I'm not a coder, but one will probably stop by within a day or so), other than to (dare I suggest) check if you have all the gems on What gems do I need and what version should they be? --John Abbe

What version of rails are you using? There was a bug introduced after 2.3.5, such that others have reported related errors on later versions (even 2.3.6).


As for the more general installation problems, I know this doesn't help you now, but we're expecting to make the process dramatically simpler soon. Sorry it's been a pain.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Sun Feb 27 16:36:00 -0800 2011

Using rails 2.3.8... Plus it turns out (despite my belief to the contrary) that there was still something missing. (I didn't get the long traceback and/or build option errors that the other gems had initially generated before I went through and fixed them, so I guess I just missed the subtler messages in all of the long terminal scrollback info.)


Unfortunately, that says I'm done.


The remaining problem is purportedly not solvable unless I have gems 1.3.6 or better, and Ubuntu 10.04 has 1.3.5 and won't let me run gems update --system (since gems is a deb package, --system is disabled) -- and I absolutely *don't* have time to build rubygems from source several times until I get all the options and include libs right!


So, thanks, but until there's a deb package, a simple gem auto-install, or some such ... I'll just have to use another wiki system. -- Here's hoping you guys can make it easy for those of us who (having done so far too often in the past) are no longer willing or interested in doing source builds just to try out a piece of software. *sigh*


Thanks for all your work so far... it really does look great on paper... but it clearly isn't meant for me yet.

  --James A Baker (Not signed in).....Sun Feb 27 18:02:40 -0800 2011

all these old gem issues are handled by bundler now. closing.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Fri Feb 03 09:10:46 -0800 2012