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Multi-Edit without *structure


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Currently, the only way to get a form that edits multiple fields is for hard templated (*content setting) cards.  For new cards, *default also does this, but once it is created, you get the content.



Maybe a slot or edit option to copy a cards contents into +*self+*structure?



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After I started to create this idea, I realized it is related to the idea that content (including cardtype) would be logically in settings, that is *content. What would the impact be of only allowing *structure and *default cards to have content and revisions attached?

  --Gerry Gleason.....Thu Jan 27 02:12:31 -0800 2011

You can always click the "inclusion" subtab under edit to edit a card's inclusions instead of the card itself.


Not getting what you mean by "only allowing *structure and *default cards to have content and revisions attached".

  --John Abbe.....Thu Jan 27 07:16:22 -0800 2011

(we need to reimplement that. is there another idea for it?)

  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-04-05 17:52:15 +0000

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