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how do I sort cards by their tags?


Thanks for your help


For Cena Sztuki I would like to show

- All Artist cards

- Sorted by the Artist' last name


The Artist cards are named by the first and last name of the artist. Every artist card then includes a field "first name" and a field "last name". So basicly the artist cards are tagged by the first and last name. How do I now sort the artist. ards by the last name of the artist?


I tried a bit and couldnt figure it out. With {"right":"Nazwiska","sort":"content"} I found all cards of the last name, and then sorted it alphabetically. But instead of showing now this list of last name cards, how do I show the full artist name (the initial card that was tagged)? when I use that search with found_by, then I loose the sorting. Append and Prepend wont help, since I actually want to shorten the resultingncard name.


Thanks much



I haven't played with this recently and don't have the time to check for sure, but I believe this should work:

{"type": "Artist",

 "right_plus": "last name",
 "sort": {"right": "last name"}

(And technically, if Artist cards are the only ones with "+last name" cards on them, you don't need the "type": "Artist")

--John Abbe

Works, thanks much!!

  --Philipp.....2013-03-18 08:06:55 +0000


  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-03-20 02:55:06 +0000