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Tutorial for installation on shared webhost?

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I’d love to use Wagn, but I don’t succeed with its installation. I have installed countless web applications based on PHP, Python or Perl, but I have no experience with anything Ruby-related.


I managed to install Ruby on Rails (as I read that Wagn requires it), and I also managed to add a Ruby on Rails example site. But the next step (→ connecting Wagn to Ruby on Rails) doesn’t work.


Is there any tutorial out there that describes the necessary steps? I have Ruby on Rails running and installed the Wagn gem.


I’m on a shared webhoster, i.e., Linux (CentOS) + Apache.

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There's not a tutorial per se, but the process is very much like setting up a rails site. In fact, you shouldn't ever have to give a thought to ruby on rails as you work through the process, because the rails installation is handled as part of the wagn gem install.


The basic installation is usually pretty quick on linux, but if you run into issues there, please let us know where.


Running Wagn in production takes a few extra steps, but we're really working to simplify that in coming releases!

--Ethan McCutchen.....2014-05-09 20:05:53 +0000

I've heavily modified Wagn in production and will include detailed instructions on how to setup everything. In the meantime you can check this out:


It's very well written and I highly recommend that setup.

--Mir S......2014-09-14 16:16:26 +0000