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Wagneering is the process of creating, configuring, structuring, and evolving Wagn websites.
To get started wagneering, you really only need to tackle one concept: cards.
Cards are Wagn's building blocks. They're like atoms of data that can be combined and connected to create all kinds of new data structures.   (stub){"mode":"closed","cast":{"id":15855},"options":{"nest_name":"_l+howto ...
If you feel like you roughly understand what cards are, you're ready to start thinking about how to create with them. 

creating with cards: evolution and design


Whereas traditional web development stumbles whenever data structures emerge that weren't envisaged at the onset of the project, Wagn embraces the idea that structures will evolve over time.


On the other hand, forethought has its benefits.  Here are a few areas that merit consideration whenever designing your Wagn site:


Designing attractive, engaging pages can reap major benefits in community engagement.   Webpage design can be broken into two main pieces: structure and style.

page structure

Layout govern the arrangement of cards on a page.  

expand_more structure
Wagn's approach to data structure is powerful and unique.  At its core it is atomic, meaning that data atoms (cards) are connected in rich and patterned ...      

You don't have to be a constructivist epistemologist (or know what one is) to know that words matter. Naming things is part of how we ...   The following are key to understanding Wagn's naming power: ...    

expand_more experience
A well-Wagneered site makes its visitors feel like they know where they are and they know how to get where they want to go.  It ...   User experience isn't about a single feature or color choice; it's about the whole.  But there are some key features to consider when refining user ...    

expand_more community
Building a healthy online community takes more than just choosing the right tool; you have to adapt that tool to make it fit your community's ...   Community design isn't primarily a feature-driven activity, but the following should be considered:
  • accounts - what is the process for entering the community?
  • Role


See all features. 


Tickets requiring design work

Also see graphic design