Can you may it so when you create a new instance of a cardtype, it is automatically watched by the creator?  Another variant might add any commenter to a watch list on the +discussion card.



It may be possible already, in which case the question is how to do it.



Tickets and related items here at


When you watch a cardtype card, you get an email whenever any card of that type is created or edited (or it's inclusions are edited - see following). Does that handle what you want? --John

There's no way to watch all +discussion cards yet, but make notification work with Searches should handle that and pretty much anything else once we implement it.


I can see making it more prominent in the interface to watch cards you comment on (maybe a checkbox about it next to the Comment button?), but i wouldn't want to do it by default, 'cause i don't want people to think of Wagn as spamming them.

  --John Abbe.....Sat Sep 26 09:08:59 -0700 2009

I want to do these things via patterns, which would lead smoothly to preference settings, rahter than card-by-card settings.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Sun Sep 27 08:54:50 -0700 2009

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