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I want some sort of draft feature. Normally, I don't care if I save partially edited stuff, but I was editing the card version of my resume and I was partly done. It was in the browser window overnight.


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 I need to be able to either or 1) explicitly save a draft (a button next to cancel) 2) set an autosave rule.

You know if I could change the name before saving (edit content and name together), I could do it. If the Content/Type/Name switching in the edit wicgets were all in JS, you could edit several aspects at once. Changing types could be tricky but done right we could actually code/script for type conversions that aren't simple mapping of fields (plus cards in different structure rules). That would probably be several feature changes, but it would be cool.



I thought I had lost it pasting into a new card because I only saw the last line after pasting. The problem was that it dosesn't show the scroll bar when you paste something that doesn't fit. It seemed that even dragging the size widget in the corner it didn't just fix. This is probably a tinyMCE bug, but it might be worth a look if we could mitigate in wagn. I ended up losing my edit because I didn't realize and navigated away.

--Gerry Gleason.....2017-04-29 13:12:56 UTC

I suspect we still track the autosave, though interface is either hard to find or perhaps even lost. I can't look into this right away but am asking Philipp and Vignesh if they know anything.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2017-04-30 03:32:03 UTC

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