want to be able to make any given wagn send data to google analytics.



If there is a *google analytics key card, use that key on every wagn page.


(note: except those with "none" as a layout.)







Since this needs to appear just above the /body tag, you will probably need to make a new partial (as in .rhtml file) and then render it from each of these layouts: application, blank, simple, and noside.  Of these application is the most important.


That partial should just include all the google analytics code, inside a big if.  If you have the key, then show the code.


Here's how you'd get the card in that context:


Notes from Aaron and Lew taking about this 6/26//08:

The main thing you need to know for it is how to get the card from the cache, and the api is a little goofy there:
would be something like c=CachedCard.get_real('*ga_key'); key=c.content


wagn caches 'missing' cards now, so whether you have a key or not after the first lookup it won't cause a db hit.





Lew thinks helpers might be a better idea, largely because of performance considerations. So instead of rendering a partial from each layout, you would make a method call. You just put the method into wagn_helper.rb with all the above logic.

Lew's comment in irc: fwiw partials always hit the disk & reparse each request, whereas helpers get compiled once per process startup.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Thu Jul 17 10:55:54 -0700 2008