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add an easy way to see and edit a card's tags


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tagging is a simple way to relate data.  Also referred to as "labeling" or "folksonomy", it's simply a way to
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Whereas traditional web development stumbles whenever data structures emerge that weren't envisaged at the onset of the project, Wagn embraces the idea that structures will ...



We used to offer a way to see a card's tags under its Related tab. Now we've replaced the Related tab with the menus but we have not (yet?) offered a way to see tags from there.



Put a "tags" item under advanced (top level would just be noise for the many/most sites that do not use tags. A submenu starts with "edit tags" and below that lists the current tags.



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One way to work around this for the main card at least is to Wagneer a card's tags into the sidebar (or elsewhere in the layout) with something like {{_main+tags|titled;item:link}}. --John Abbe

Eventually the menu will be entirely Wagneerable, but not clear how long that will take.

  --John Abbe.....2013-03-17 17:28:17 +0000

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