There are a number of user preferences we might like to have, for example:


Some (such as closedopen state of cards) are changed implicitly, while others would use existing or new graphical interfaces.



The general pattern could be cards with names like _user+edit_method (which would be a Pointer that could be "default", "wiki", "Markdown", etc.). The other example listed could be something like _user+|cardname|+*openclosed (a bit tricky since we might want to save state based on the context the card was in; maybe _user+|including card|+|cardname|+*openclosed ?).


_user+Config could be the GUI card for editing preferences. This would then be put in, or linked from, the sidebar, the person's User card, etc.



not sure we can do markup as a user preference. see add user-selectable markup options+discussion.


if there really is a good case for preferences (probably), I suspect we'll want to integrate it with sets, not just indiv cards.

Totally on-board with using sets where relevant. Maintaining open/closed state is always a specific card, and I'm thinking should probably be even more specific, i.e. card X when included in card Y, which would make for unwieldy card names via sets but we could do it, something like: "_user+Menu+*self+*included_in+*sidebar+*self+*openclosed" ?

  --John Abbe.....Mon Aug 30 14:26:38 -0700 2010

+relevant user stories