Something like this:


New setting called "*deny".  When you can't read a card, you look for its *deny rule and render that instead.


If you're rendering a :read view, then you render the deny card in the current view.  If you're in an edit view, you render, what...content?


Note that you could have a chain of *deny views.  Eg, there's a card called Super Secret of type Clandestine and a card called Kinda Secret of type HushHush, and you have these rules:


  • Clandestine+*type+*deny -> Kinda Secret
  • Clandestine+*type+*read -> Top Clearance Role
  • HushHush+*type+*deny -> Public Page
  • HushHush+*type+*read -> Anyone Signed In
Working like this, we should be able to get rid of our deny view...




this basically works with the denial view.  My inclination is now not to create a setting but rather to work on making views overrideable.

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