If you try to create a card called import, you get:


Problem with card import:
Permission denied You don't have permission to change the content of this card -- it is hard templated by Feature+*tform


And yet, there already are cards import+priority, import+status, import+issues, and import+taglist.


And things like /card/options/import don't work, either.




This also happened:


Typed "import" into goto box but wasn't allowed to create it. So i changed the name right in the same New Card page to allow creation of card called import, and when i saved it that ticket was created, but it hung all the plus cards off of a new import card -- import+status, etc.


Also see allow creation of card called import

May be related to Cardtypes names matching existing ruby modules fail on new. In that there is a ruby module named "Import" (doesn't have to be cardtype to cause problem?)

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Dec 10 12:55:28 -0800 2008


(there is a ruby class)

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Mon Dec 29 16:04:20 -0800 2008