With Wagn's nesting, you can construct web addresses that are context-sensitive, drawing on all or part of the name of the card the address is on, and/or other card contents.


(See contextual names for some helpful background to understand what's going on here.)


Given that this card exists:


...and that this card is named "contextual web addresses+example" — which means that _right will be interpreted as "example",



[[http://{{Google base URI|raw}}{{_right|name}}]]


generates a web address for a Google search on "example":







  • By combining this with iframes and the HTML Cardtype, you can show the results at that moment of any web service that can be accessed via regular web addresses — e.g. Twitter & RSS feeds
  • You might think the double brackets are unnecessary. Wagn does try to recognize web addresses automatically, but because it does so before it renders inclusions, we have to put double brackets around this so that it renders the inclusion first.
  • Also see web address for everything and contextual names.



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This doesn't actually work. The example doesn't work.

  --Patrick Gibbs.....Mon Mar 08 17:59:18 -0800 2010

Thanks! We finally fixed it (broke it by improving some syntax).

  --John Abbe.....Sun May 02 14:02:17 -0700 2010