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We often do demonstrations at conferences we go to, and if we're near you in person we'd probably be happy to do a demo with you too.


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formatting   Show adding or at least viewing/editing an existing card, and how editing something in one place results in change elsewhere. ...


Here are notes from some demonstrations we've done:


expand_more +RecentChangesCamp
2009:   Wagn ran the conference wiki —   Idea to show other user editing when in a conflict.   ===== ...

expand_more +BeaverBarCamp
I did a lot of demos at BeaverBarCamp. Several were 45 minutes - long enough to get through the ...

expand_more +BarCampPortland
Start by showing what it looks like in an already-built system, uninterrupted, then demo the underguts. (suggestion from Chuck Langenberg and others;...

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September 3, 2008 - Chicago Who: Michael Maranda, Ted Ernst, Regula Frey, , , , , ...


Here's a sandbox Wagn:


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A survey example:

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