Wow, 1.0 is finally here (see the press release).  We've pondered, crafted, refined, and gotten organized, and now Wagn's ready to help you do the same things on your projects.


It's been a long journey.  We had the idea three years ago at a wiki conference called Recent Changes Camp.  We wanted to build a consumer education website called Hooze that used all the "together fuel" of a site like Wikipedia, but was better at breaking information into smaller bits — few of us want to read an encyclopedia article before we buy crackers or a lightbulb, right?  But how do you make patterned information simple and fun to use?


So we started with smaller units than webpages, and we decided to call them "cards."  We're all familiar with lots of kinds of cards: playing cards, postcards, business cards, library cards...  They're all different sizes and hold different amounts of information, everything from a picture to a filing record to a complete story.  The same goes for cards on Wagn.


As we started organizing cards of information about companies and products, we quickly saw patterns emerging.  We wanted company cards, for example, to include logo cards, address cards, etc.  This has been one of the driving ideas behind Wagn: cards including other cards in patterned ways.


Unfortunately, we never really found funding for our ambitious consumer education website idea, but in the process of looking for support, we found Meyer Memorial Trust.  Brandon Sanders, a board member at the time, walked up to Marie Deatherage from Meyer and said "I've got to meet the only other person in the room with a stripe of pink hair."  Pink hair, in our experience, correlates strongly with vision.  Before long, Meyer was using Wagn to launch, a website that helps do-gooders of all stripes connect and share resources.


That was over a year ago, when Wagn was running version 0.9.   At the time we thought 1.0 was right around the corner, but we just...weren't...quite...ready.  We wanted to speed things up a bit, improve some usability, nail down that one bug.  So 0.9 was followed not by 1.0 but by 0.10.  And then 0.11.  Version 0.12 was used as the conference wiki for Recent Changes Camp 2009.  With version 0.13 we introduced a major upgrade to our hosting and consulting services, which has brought in some great new projects, like academic paper tracking for a national research group.


And now, many tweaks, fixes, and enhancements later, we think Wagn is ready.  Oh, it's far from done — we've got literally hundreds of design ideas in our tracking system (which we built using Wagn), and our community continues to offer more each day — but Wagn is now too strong to hide behind a zero.  1.0 is here.


There've been plenty of bumps in the road.  We've had a few development pauses, lots of funding lapses, and long stretches without a full-time programmer on the project.  So we feel some extra pride in pushing through to 1.0 in the middle of an economic downturn that saw the end of our grant funding and the relocation of our core team from one state to three.  But we all believed in the value of our work, as did a much bigger "we" of supporters, idea people, advisers, code contributors, interns, testers, and friends.


We really hope Wagn will continue to do good in the world by making it easier for people to collaborate on, organize, and trumpet their ideas in profound and meaningful ways.


How can you use Wagn to help build a thrivable world?




Yeah! So happy to see 1.0 meet the world. <<<<< >>>>>


I plan to use my wagn to build a new space for to co-create a thrivable world. ;)

  --Jean (Not signed in).....Wed Jun 10 10:50:15 -0700 2009

I too, am so thrilled to see where wagn is today on big happy launch day! Getting familiar with the structure and playing with the many possibilities for organizing information is what makes our wagn- such an amazing resource for the nonprofit community.

  --Phoebe Owens (Not signed in).....Wed Jun 10 12:01:46 -0700 2009

Have only hours ago landed here (first visit). After a short initial glimpse or clickabout, I find that wagn looks impressive.


So, onwards into the vast frontier ahead, ye sifters and shakers!

  --stedawa (Not signed in).....Wed Jun 10 15:07:47 -0700 2009

mazel tov! I look forward to playing with our new (little, green) Wagn.

  --misuba (Not signed in).....Wed Jun 10 17:25:37 -0700 2009

Interesting. Reminds me a lot of the server sided TiddlyWiki ideas. It will be neat to see what comes out of this.

  --Ken (Not signed in).....Fri Jun 12 15:35:51 -0700 2009

I'm trying to play in your sandbox, but I'm lacking documentation on cardtype forms. Where can I find out more about those? And yes, wagn looks awesome - it's the server-sided tiddly-style app I kept thinking I should write... :)

  --Anonymous (Not signed in).....Tue Jun 30 10:54:13 -0700 2009

See structure. Glad you like it!

  --John Abbe.....Tue Jun 30 11:01:01 -0700 2009


  --Anonymous (Not signed in).....Wed Oct 07 10:22:32 -0700 2009