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on the page: it looks like the text after Thrivable is incorrect.  Seems like it should show the weblink for Thrivable but instead shows some other text.


How do I include a screenshot image here???

As an alternative here is an attempt at cut/paste to show the page:

Wagn is proving to be a powerful organizational knowledge management tool. Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon's largest private foundation and one of Wagns principal funders, is currently using Wagn to keep track of its internal research.

Public Wagns:

...and of course, dear old Wagn Dot Org

We are working to bring Wagn to many more organizations and enhancing our support for data integration within and across organizations.


Thanks! I fixed it. "Nurture Biz" got renamed to "Thrivable" and we had neglected to update that page (renaming now automaticallu updates such inclusions in many cases). --John Abbe