Ability to disable double-click-to-edit

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I looked through the options to try and find a way to disable double-click to edit, but couldn't find it.


The feature is causing me problems both as an editor of the site and even as a normal user, since double-clicking is a natural way to start selecting text, assuming you want to copy whole words (which I always do.)



I run into this too. There are situations where the only way to edit has been double-clicking, so we've generally thought to make it optional only after we make simple edit-alternative to double click. --John Abbe

This issue is a real problem for me as well.


In addition to habitually double-click dragging to select whole words and triple-clicking to select lines, I find myself frequently using laptop touchpads that sometimes mistake a stroke on the scrolling edge for multiple clicks of the left and right buttons. I would rather not have to retrain the whole of my Web usability habits for the sake of a single kind of site, no matter how good it is.


If a situation arises where a card is so misconfigured that the card editor can't be accessed by a page feature, then the card's editing URL can be typed into the address bar.

--Ariel Millennium Thornton.....2014-11-30 05:49:56 +0000