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Go together.

Wagn is changing its name to Decko. is still our home deck, for now, but our repo and gem bear the new name.

team-driven websites

Wagn helps creators work together.


Most web teams only collaborate in meetings.  Designers, developers, and content creators go their separate ways for days, weeks, or months at a time.   Then they meet and try to figure out how to fit their pieces together.

With Wagn, your whole team is editing a working website from day one.  Teammates work in parallel creating content, structure, and style, responding to each other along the way.  Every change is tracked, credited, and reversible, and permissions are powerfully customizable so that everyone is both connected and protected.

community knowledge

Healthy communities learn.  Very healthy communities record and share.


Any great community tool respects the community's idiosyncracies and diversity.  So a great community knowledge base must be flexible enough to meet unique needs while engaging both technical and non-technical members.


Wagn lets advanced users create powerful structures while giving less technical members a gentle user experience.  As a result, everyone creates together, and knowledge grows like topsoil from which still greater community creations can sprout.

free, open-source software

Wagn is licensed under the GNU General Public License (version 2 or later).


"Free" means you're not trapped.  You're not trapped paying the licensers every time you want a change.  You're not trapped by the whims of the licenser's hosting and pricing policies.  You're free.  Also, you don't have to pay.


"Open-source" has become a transparency slogan, but it has a specific meaning with software.  The "source" is the code that humans can read.  If you buy "closed-source" software, you can't see anything readable, so you never really know how it works.  That means technical users can't fully customize and improve it.  We're proud of our code; we want people to see it, and we thank the many generous developers who help make Wagn better.

reusable data

Clean data is D.R.Y. (Don't Repeat Yourself).  Wagn data is reused – not repeated.


Consider the case when Jean's address has been cut and pasted into five documents.  What happens when Jean moves?  With most software, there are two possible answers: (1) a lot of work, or (2) a big mess.


With Wagn, you can include the same address in five places, and then update them all automatically with a single edit.  Reusable data is much easier to keep clean, and clean data is much easier to use.


Editing content shouldn't take technical training.


Sadly enough, that's the norm.  Content management systems make contributors learn special admin interfaces just to fix a spelling error.  Many busy content creators would rather email a technician than learn and re-learn how to administrate a website.


With Wagn, you can edit whatever you're seeing right where  you are without leaving the page.  In-place editing means fewer distractions for both the creators and the techies who support them.

evolving structures

Your projects evolve; your tools should evolve with them.


You may have heard the horror stories of web developers charging thousands of dollars to add a field or move a box.  Either it's simple exploitation (see free, open-source software for protection), or the software has not been designed to evolve.


Wagn's simple building blocks let you connect and re-connect information in flexible ways. This means you don't have to figure out every checkbox you'll ever need before you've even started. You create what makes sense at the beginning and evolve as you go. 

simple parts, coherent wholes

Coherent data systems let you combine its parts into readily understandable wholes.


Wagn is designed for continuously creating new ways to digest and use information by combining and recombining its parts.  The basic building block of Wagn is called the cards.  Cards are very simple -- they just have a name, a type, and some content.  But by combining and connecting cards, Wagneer can create greater and greater wholes.


Wagn is unusual in its fidelity to simple parts, because we believe that simplicity is what gives creators the freedom and power they need to do great things.  Like the points in a Seurat painting, individual cards add up to a beautiful whole.  And in the era of data overwhelm, freedom and coherence are a wonderful but rare combination.