Formerly known as “Wagn”

Dynamic websites from creatively organized cards

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Current v0.15.6
Browsing Butterfly+screenshot

"Browsing Butterfly"

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Casual visitors feel at home on elegant Decko sites, or decks.

customizable Bootstrap skins
unobtrusive edit interface
mobile friendly

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"Editing Eagle"

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Authorized users create and edit versioned content in cards.

edit in context
revertible histories
granular permissions

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Card Shark+screenshot

"Card Shark"

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Advanced users make rules that govern how cards look and behave.

Sets based on name and type
nested card structures
Card Query Language (CQL)

Shark Docs

"Code Monkey"

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Anything you can’t do in cards, you can do in code with mods.

inherits from Ruby on Rails
DSL for views and events
MoFoS architecture

Monkey Docs
Code Monkey+screenshot
Platform Platypus+screenshot

"Platform Platypus"

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A committed community is developing this wiki-inspired framework.

free and open source
GPL v2 and v3
continuous integration testing


One of the most exciting things to happen to Wiki since I coined the term.

– Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki.