Adding formats to inclusions removes them from the data entry form

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Setting default text formats for +cards prevents them from being automatically created in new cards that include them.

I set up the set with a series of inclusions. For two of these (+problem and +solution), I set the content setting to bold, as I wanted this to be a default. As a result, when I created a new card of this type these two inclusions were listed as virtual cards (the others all came up as text boxes as normal). Deleting the form cards solved the problem, but it would be useful if I could set text on these cards to default to bold.


If you want all problems and solutions to be bold permanently, you can put the bolding outside the inclusion (or add it to *css).  If you want to let users change the bolding, you will have better luck with *default rules.

Thanks, I'll give them a try.

  --Tom Henfrey.....2012-12-23 17:02:28 +0000