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As a designer, I want to have more on-click functions on each card. In other words, I want to be able to add one or more icons to the card header (e.g. next to the gear icon) to functions that they would have to otherwise access through complex UI actions (pull-down, click, sometimes more than once to get to some features).



The designer needs to be able to add icons (or pick from a set of them) and link them to functions



The use cases are not fully formed in my thinking, but let me give some ideas as examples. Say that I want to streamline the views that isiders are using, that is editors and content producers, maybe that is site-wide because this is an private wagn that impletents a lot of editorial and web/print production workflows that feed user facing systems (wagns and decko based platforms as well as others). My producers may want functions like 'page' or 'history' or even 'diff to a base version' or ???


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