BarCamp organized several times already, by Legion of Tech. John demoed Wagn in 2008.


Demonstration notes:

Start by showing what it looks like in an already-built system, uninterrupted, then demo the underguts. (suggestion from Chuck Langenberg and others; he also sent us an e-mail with website/demo advice)

Someone suggested we talk w a group @PSU: Lois Delcambre, Dave Meyer re arbitrary metadata and annotations for documents

Outlining Cardtype

Another possible name for pointers - stacks?

live faceted search

line:card, closed:open, how about collapsed:expanded?

"So are programmers obsolete now?" --Jesse Hallett (CloudFS guy)

John Sechrest Drupal - CCK (content creation kit), Views, panels, faceted search (re nodes, making everything a card)