Blank image file uploads

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can't reproduce

When I paste into a field (email address) in a form, Wagn acts as though I've uploaded a blank image to an image field.


Thanks for the ticket!


I pasted in an email address and didn't see anything odd.  Q's

  • In what way did it act like there was a blank image?
  • what browser / os are you using?
  • Has this happened repeatedly?
  • would you be willing/able to send a screenshot?
  • what were you cutting and pasting from?  did you just paste it in the +email field?

See (ignore the % stuff in the name, that's another ticket - Wagn needs to filter out some invisible characters, imho).

Top-right, where there should be an image (or just "+image" you'll see:


When we were adding the card, pasting into the +email field changed the image selection interface to look as if an image had been selected.

This is in Chrome, Windows 7. Yes, repeatedly. I can get you a screenshot if you still want one after this additional info. Cutting and pasting, from a spreadsheet (Google Doc I think).

  --John Abbe.....Fri May 11 03:25:21 +0000 2012