Bug reporting is now handled by adding a Support Ticket.


Looking to report a bug? You rock. Thanks! This system of reporting bugs that used to be on this page has been phased out. 

Here's how we used to organize bug reports, these are being moved into the ticket system.

See WQL+example. Also includes a bug-like thing (this first item) about Search cardtype.

Create a Basic card with a wql query in it with a > in it. Change it's type to Search. The > shows up as & gt ; (without the spaces) - it would be nice if it stayed as a >.

  --John Abbe.....Sun Dec 30 19:48:46 PST 2007

Querying broken for > - search for relative value finds tons of non-number cards (and tried {">": 5} and got the same result). On search for Numbers of relative value i added "type": "Number" and got only one of three cards that should match! (see Number+*type_cards). Again tried it with {">": 5} but no change.
  --John Abbe.....Sun Dec 30 19:51:08 PST 2007

Sorting by "plusses" (which i don't know what that means anyway ;-) appears broken. See:

  --John Abbe.....Tue Jan 08 17:01:46 PST 2008

Bizarre search inclusion error (caching problem?). http://weflow.agoraworx.com/wagn/current_intentions lists 8 intention cards, but when it's included on http://weflow.agoraworx.com/wagn/intentions only 6 show up!

  --John Abbe.....Thu Jan 24 16:14:00 PST 2008

Error handling

ugly in all these cases:

  • invites and request invitation (eg., when email busts on cutch)
  • renaming cards
    • eg. rename to name of existing card
    • eg rename card that is part of a plus card you don't have permission to see (what should even happen?)
  • cardtype changing (eg. changing cardtype of a user)
  • new card (eg. name already exists)
  • setting options (eg. on staff, changing Admin)
  • wql that is invalid json
  • valid json, invalid wql
    • refers to self, but it's not a junction card...


  • ruby not executed when transcluded. (or at least not two levels deep?? -- there is -- or used to be -- a dev test failing on this one)

Probably fixed:



  • re-creating a new card from trash always takes previous cardtype.
  • recreated cards should show up in recent change


  • In 0.7.0, the require "lib/wagn" doesn't work for me when I set wagn to run under an Apache2 virtual host. However, changing lib/wagn.rb to lib/wagn_lib.rb and the require to require "wagn_lib" seems to work just fine.
    --Mike Vess

Recent Changes

  • Changed links look strange in show-changes view - when i make a bit of text that was a link into no-longer-a-link, it shows up in the Changes/diff view as a link.
  • very slow on long cards


  • request an invitation page shouldn't come up when you're logged in.


examples please:

  • Weird interaction between images and table of contents (if there's an image on a page with a table of contents, the image shows up in the TOC. happened on Hooze home page)   -- need you to show me this one-- only way I  could make it happen was if the image tag was actually between the <h*> tags
  • When updating a link, other links on the page are changed as well.  happened at revision #5 of http://nurture.wagn.org/wagn/Allies
  • e-mail has literally: "Activate me: {activation_url}"  -- Which Wagn has this?  I don't see it in the code, or in settings on wagn.org or hooze.org or staff.gc.org
  • Some links show as not existing when they actually do, and clicking even goes to them. E.g.: http://www.hooze.org/wiki/Eugene_food_producers+Community_Supported_Agriculture-- this one is a bad link; it's actually to "Eugene+Community Supported Agriculture"
  • Clicking Save on multi-edit taking a long time, or forever, or apparently working but edits not "taking". All sporadic.

Hey John,
I'm thinking that our process should be that whenever you test one of these, the bug should be (A) re-filed, (B) put into the (Release)+bugs page for the release on which it was fixed, (C) in the case of bugs that came and went in the course of one release's development, just checked here and then deleted in the next release cycle, or (D) sometimes you might just figure it's too narrow or uninteresting and want to delete it.

  • ASKED LEWIS permission getting denied because of hard templating in strange places. Eg., trying to change website+*template to a soft template, but it says I can't change the content, therefore can't change the template. that's wrong on a lot of levels!
  • REFILE: when a template has formatting around a relative inclusion, editing the inclusion in multi-edit puts the formatting around the text, so if you save then it's changed the text to be bold. (In a sense not a big deal, because of course the template is bolding it anyway, but...) http://staff.grasscommons.org/wagn/Oregon_Mentors
  • TEST saving content revisions even when content isn't changed.
  • TEST links with spaces not getting updated upon name change / card creation (also case variations)

We think these issues might be fixed through our restructuring, but we haven't confirmed -- these never made it into the automated tests.  Any evidence from your own Wagn experience is appreciated!
  • CAN'T TEST YET (0.8.2) auto-appending filetype a little too dumb: Uploaded a file and saved without giving a card name. The file uploaded and the page was auto-named okay, but Wagn added an extra ".pdf" at the end of the file - see http://wagn.org/wiki/Topic.pdf
  • REFILE with full URL (0.8.2) uploaded picture broke: http://staff/image/Lewis%20Hoffman+gtd+picture.png?0.403542965137421
    The problem is that the '+' are being interpreted as ' ' somewhere in the chain, so it's not picking up the image file even though it's there.  then rails doesn't know what to do with the url.
Works but other issues:
  • TEST Page failing after sending invite. Takes me back to the page i was on, but the success message flashed so briefly i didn't have time to read it. Suggest showing it *after* going back to the page i was on.
CHECK and DELETE Remaining new bugs (filed):
  • Entering letters in a number card doesn't validate in card creation but does validate in editing after the card exists. The save fails, but there is no error message.
  • nested-transclusion-cache issue: when you update a card, it cache-busts cards transcluding that card, but not cards transcluding *those* cards. Fixed, except for the line view! See Sandbox transcluded toward the end of John Abbe+freestyle
  • Went to Changes of http://staff.grasscommons.org/wiki/2007-08-13+Action_List and clicked on Autosaved Draft. It shows the draft okay, but when i click on Save as Current it doesn't do it. Example page listed is irrelevant now, created a new one. Clicking on Save as Current does so, but also goes to edit mode with the Autosaved Draft content!
Fixed within 0.9:
  • √(within 0.9)In the Pointer editor, card names with spaces have underscores, should be spaces.
  • √(within 0.9)Maybe just visual - the edit box text is larger now and a different font (it used to look like that briefly then change font and size down to the same as it displays).
  • √(within 0.9)Only the first part of many pages render. See http://staff.grasscommons.org/wagn/Girls,_Inc. and my home page on staff. One issue with this is that links don't render colored and underlined, so you don't know they're links.
  • √(within 0.9)I think +*plus cards (in Related) is finding cards from the trash. E.g. on http://staff.grasscommons.org/wagn/Lane_County it lists Lane County+foo, but clicking on the page icon gets an offer to create the card!
  • √(within 0.9)When you edit a templated card that's using a phantom Search, you get "(After-school Programs - Mentoring+organizations from topic would go here.)" which we probably want to replace with something like "(After-school Programs - Mentoring+organizations from topic is controlled by organizations from topic+*template.)"
  • √Recent Changes is broken - date order is all messed up, page back twice and check out the dates... http://wagn.org/recent

      --John Abbe.....Tue Dec 11 14:14:17 PST 2007

  • √Recent changes on Nurture Wagn are wack-- skipping several months, distributed strangely across paging.

      --Lewis Hoffman.....Tue Dec 11 19:38:09 PST 2007

  • √I keep trying to change search by reference to search by reference and there's no error message (and no warning/explanation of changing references to the card), and the rename doesn't happen.

      --John Abbe.....Fri Jan 04 13:52:09 PST 2008

    MAJOR - Renaming is broken completely, can't rename anything.
  • √Pointers broken? On Wagn (at 0.9.0) the card type list doesn't show Pointer. On Staff (0.9.1) it's there, but whenever i try to add a card i get:
    Do What?
    /card/add_field/?index=1&eid=main_1 requires a card id
    404 Not Found
      --John Abbe.....Sun Dec 30 21:02:45 PST 2007
  • (folded into Multi-edit broken in some cases)
    You can't add more cards or save Pointers if you're editing them when they're included in another card. In fact, you can't save anything doing multi-edit on a card if any of the inclusions are Pointers!

      --John Abbe.....Tue Jan 15 12:02:43 PST 2008

  • From Related tab of Search you can open and look at +*type cards, but if you click on the page icon you get an offer to create the card! This doesn't happen on http://wagn.org/wagn/Search+*type_cards so i'm guessing this bug must have been introduced in 0.9.1

      --John Abbe.....Fri Dec 21 20:29:25 PST 2007

  • √Perhaps related to that, in the Related tab of Search you get the View, Edit, etc. tabs of +*type cards when it's open and the mouse is over it. Clicking on Edit gets:

    Do What?
    /card/edit/Search+*type_cards?context=main_1_3 requires a card id
    404 Not Found

      --John Abbe.....Fri Dec 21 20:33:14 PST 2007

  • √Not 100% sure it's a bug - shouldn't http://staff.grasscommons.org/wagn/Search list the Search cards? It works in the related tab, and Categories are templated to include +*type cards...

      --John Abbe.....Thu Dec 27 20:05:30 PST 2007

  • http://wagn.org/card/editor/359 (500)
    errors "gotta have a div_id" which it does in fact need to have.  this error came from a crawler of some sort.  not sure how it got the url, but it shouldn't come up in normal usage.


Before bugs were reported on individual Release, they were listed here:


NOTE: this part of the tracking system is DEPRECATED

now bug fixes are recorded in the Ticket system and reported under each Release

--- Bugs fixed in subversion trunk ---

  • error (on non-cardtype cards) when extension is present but doesn't respond to codename
  • throws 500 if hide_duplicates is set on a non-card search

--- Bugs fixed in Wagn 0.5.4 ---

  • !!!can't remove "Marie Deatherage - DELETE" on connectipedia

--- Bugs fixed in Wagn 0.5.3 ---


  • connection list broken in Safari
  • double click fails after save.


--- Bugs fixed in Wagn 0.5.2 ---


  • when not logged in, edit button breaks on "block" pages (search, recent, etc. might just be relative link?)
  • invitation setting cards are datatype rich text so they show up with unwanted html in the plain text message itself. simple answer for now may be to make them plain text?
  • Renderer shows missing transcluded text as single brackets -- should be double.
  • A space is missing in the saving notification, e.g.: "saving draft offormatting..."
  • cancel broken on rename?
  • relates some of the locked stuff: Perhaps the permissions "seal cards" and "edit sealed cards" don't make sense any more and shouldn't be around? -- removed from system list of permissions LWH
  • garbage urls cause bad 500
  • "Wheeled by Wagn" links messed up. Eg: http://wagn.org/wiki/Bugs?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.Wagn.org
  • weird things happen when you double-click a card title
  • filtering query results busted:
    • "cards edited by" tab broken - on Wagn and Hooze at least, it lists most/all? cards for anyone. -- was listing cards edited by the logged-in user rather than by the user who's page you're looking at.

---- Bugs fixed in Wagn 0.5.1 ----


  • mySQL issues -- i think i got wql translating the operators properly for the different adapters. maybe? LWH
    • mySQL4 doesn't have "is true" and "is not true". Use "=1" and "=0" instead in models/renderer.rb -- Mark Hadfield

note the filter solution is hacky and brittle-- needs significant refactoring.

  • filter by cardtype and nothing happens - http://staff/wiki/current click on "cards connected to current" tab and then try different Cardtype filters.
  • filter by keyword and you get an application error. hrmm.. rarely. I manage to do it if I do this combination:
    1. go to http://staff/wiki/Ethan_McCutchen
    2. click on "connected" cards (big red box)
    3. filter by cardtype "User" (fails, no error)
    4. filter by keyword "abstract" (500 error).

  • Spotlight and Highlight dots should be 100% more less not there.
  • User issues: deleting a user card leaves the user account. deleting user cards should be disabled until it does a full cleanup. (not sure we ever want to delete users who have edits; that would mess up the revision history -- design discussion needed before we go there, but yep, I like not being able to delete the card!) -- delete disabled now LWH
  • Invite form is really really ugly
  • Edited a link that was just to a plain Wagn page, and it only edited the label, not the target. For example, i edited Red Barn Natural Grocery down to Red Barn but it still links to the former on http://www.hooze.org/wiki/John_Abbe
  • various minor problems running on mysql. patches submitted by Mark Hadfield-- thank you!! but have not been applied yet. --these patches were applied way back in 0.4.1 I think. As far as I know everything is happy on MySQL with 0.5.0 LWH
  • Tag clouds evidently just coming in alphabetical order, making first ones biggest!
  • Some users can't change password-- see +fixed+changing password --This was just "password too short" but the error reporting was broken. fixed for 0.5.1

--- Older bugs have been removed to keep things tidy ---
(they should still be in the changes history for reference)