NOTE: this part of the tracking system is DEPRECATED

now bug fixes are recorded in the Ticket system and reported under each Release

--- Bugs fixed in subversion trunk ---

  • error (on non-cardtype cards) when extension is present but doesn't respond to codename
  • throws 500 if hide_duplicates is set on a non-card search

--- Bugs fixed in Wagn 0.5.4 ---

  • !!!can't remove "Marie Deatherage - DELETE" on connectipedia

--- Bugs fixed in Wagn 0.5.3 ---


  • connection list broken in Safari
  • double click fails after save.


--- Bugs fixed in Wagn 0.5.2 ---


  • when not logged in, edit button breaks on "block" pages (search, recent, etc. might just be relative link?)
  • invitation setting cards are datatype rich text so they show up with unwanted html in the plain text message itself. simple answer for now may be to make them plain text?
  • Renderer shows missing transcluded text as single brackets -- should be double.
  • A space is missing in the saving notification, e.g.: "saving draft offormatting..."
  • cancel broken on rename?
  • relates some of the locked stuff: Perhaps the permissions "seal cards" and "edit sealed cards" don't make sense any more and shouldn't be around? -- removed from system list of permissions LWH
  • garbage urls cause bad 500
  • "Wheeled by Wagn" links messed up. Eg:
  • weird things happen when you double-click a card title
  • filtering query results busted:
    • "cards edited by" tab broken - on Wagn and Hooze at least, it lists most/all? cards for anyone. -- was listing cards edited by the logged-in user rather than by the user who's page you're looking at.

---- Bugs fixed in Wagn 0.5.1 ----


  • mySQL issues -- i think i got wql translating the operators properly for the different adapters. maybe? LWH
    • mySQL4 doesn't have "is true" and "is not true". Use "=1" and "=0" instead in models/renderer.rb -- Mark Hadfield

note the filter solution is hacky and brittle-- needs significant refactoring.

  • filter by cardtype and nothing happens - http://staff/wiki/current click on "cards connected to current" tab and then try different Cardtype filters.
  • filter by keyword and you get an application error. hrmm.. rarely. I manage to do it if I do this combination:
    1. go to http://staff/wiki/Ethan_McCutchen
    2. click on "connected" cards (big red box)
    3. filter by cardtype "User" (fails, no error)
    4. filter by keyword "abstract" (500 error).

  • Spotlight and Highlight dots should be 100% more less not there.
  • User issues: deleting a user card leaves the user account. deleting user cards should be disabled until it does a full cleanup. (not sure we ever want to delete users who have edits; that would mess up the revision history -- design discussion needed before we go there, but yep, I like not being able to delete the card!) -- delete disabled now LWH
  • Invite form is really really ugly
  • Edited a link that was just to a plain Wagn page, and it only edited the label, not the target. For example, i edited Red Barn Natural Grocery down to Red Barn but it still links to the former on
  • various minor problems running on mysql. patches submitted by Mark Hadfield-- thank you!! but have not been applied yet. --these patches were applied way back in 0.4.1 I think. As far as I know everything is happy on MySQL with 0.5.0 LWH
  • Tag clouds evidently just coming in alphabetical order, making first ones biggest!
  • Some users can't change password-- see +changing password --This was just "password too short" but the error reporting was broken. fixed for 0.5.1

--- Older bugs have been removed to keep things tidy ---
(they should still be in the changes history for reference)