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As a user, I want to view a list (Pointer/Search cards, etc.) in a different sort order with a simple UI control. As a designer, I want some control over how these options are presented to the user.



I thought of this when looking at a paged list that was by_name, but I wanted recently created or updated to find something I just did. It could be some UI controls added to the paging controls.

I can see that designers 1) may want to handle this differently, 2) advanced uses should be able to get it even if the designer has chosen to hid it for general use, and 3) may want similar sorts of controls as a more general feature.

Case 3 is hard to think of, but just the thought that if we do this right, wangeers and developers will be able to extend the concept in a modular way. Say I want controls on the size presented? (I forget the exact view option, but being able to change view options and re-render would cover a lot of ground)



If you know the list's URL (I guess you can copy that from the 'page' link), then you can add +by_created or similar, but when I was playing around, I wanted it reversed (most recent first) and couldn't remember how I'd get the reverse. Probably +something_else, but the point is that this is hard for me, impossible for most people.


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