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As a Wagneer I want a view that looks mostly like 'content' view, but that is also editable in place.  If there is included content also in the interactive view, I want the editors to be able to change it in place.  It should differenciate where content is from, so template from a *structure rule, and nested content changes are directed at the correct cards.  Updating *structure parts might be flagged and confirmed.  If they don't have permission, the content will be locked (not editable).

Way short of this larger idea, I want to be able to use more or less the edit view for pointers, particularly under some of the *select rule values.  Just being able to have the radio or checkbox view as the regular content view would be great.  Seeing the selected value and options even if you can't change it in that view would help.




Not sure the best way to 'confirm/cancel' and indicate when changes need to be saved.

A separate issue, but really cool would be to combine this idea, with the capacity to share browser states via something like ShareJs, so that a group of people could see each others changes before commit.  This is really how I would like to replace the various shared document options.



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If the main idea seems like a bad idea, how would you make it so instead of viewing each item of the Pointer card according to a nested view, you view the entire contents of the pointer card according to its *input rule.  'radio' would only make sense for a single valued Pointer, 'checkbox' is pretty straightforward.  Single ('select') and 'multiselect' would ideally show the input widget, but values not changable.  I guess no *input rule (default) would give the standard pointer handling.

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