Error on creating card with name of denied request

Support Ticket


Phoebe wrote:

Someone tried to request an invitation under the name InventSucess. [Assume she means "Invent Success".] I denied it with the idea that I would create it as an Org and explained we don't create user accounts under company/org names. I think this is going to happen more and more as . This is the third one [someone requesting an account as their org rather than themselves] in the last week, but the first time I got pwnd on it. but see foo for the error message.


John requested an account with the name Testerama on Sandwagn, denied it, then created the Testerama card no problem. ((removed reference to sandwagn))



Connectipedia is 0.12 and Sandwagn 0.13 in case that could be the difference. Shrug?


We fixed the specific problem (via console?). Closing since it's irreproducible.