Ethan McCutchen

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 Lewis Hoffman and I created Wagn, now Decko, together as a side project back in 2006.  Now, more than fifteen years later, I'm serving as chief architect for Decko and still actively developing it alongside Philipp Kühl, Gerry Gleason, and a broad community contributing ideas, inspiration, fixes, resources, and the occasional well-deserved kick in the pants.
A brief bio in bullets:
  • born a preacher's kid to a preacher's-kid preacher and his preacher's-kid music-teaching wife
  • high school in Charlotte, NC; music composition major at Davidson
  • one year teaching English in Russia, another studying cognitive sciences in Edinburgh
  • learned to program in DC suburb while commuting car-lessly in bike-unfriendly land
  • chased lesser apes in Thailand, taught in Japan, backpacked around Southeast Asia
  • co-founded Grass Commons with Lewis Hoffman in Eugene, Oregon
  • moved to Fort Collins, CO, became husband and father
  • now working in State College, PA collaborating with awesome folks around the globe

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