Included image cards no longer obey CSS rules

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Image cards are no longer obeying CSS directives, such as {{nymph|float:right}} documented at nesting+Image. It's happening on my Wagn (running wagn 1.21.0) and on this site.

Wagn 1.18.6 was the last version I'm aware of that had correct documented behavior. The problem behavior began sometime after 1.18.6 and by or before 1.20.0.

Screenshot shows my card as the Internet Archive captured it on the left and currently on the right.


The third image of the nymph should be on the right edge of the page with text flowing to its left:


Account cards have image plus cards, and their structure begins {{+image|float:right;size:large}}. My account card should have my avatar on the right with text flowing to its left:

Ariel Millennium Thornton


Included image cards no longer obey CSS rules+screenshot


More information to help locate the cause:

- The most recent Internet Archive snapshot of the Image card on is 2017-09-19. Unfortunately, the page didn't say which version of wagn the site was running.

- As for wagn running on my site, I didn't keep a record of when I upgraded the wagn gem, only that I upgraded it at least once between 2016-10-26 and 2017-02-22 based on the Internet Archive's snapshots, and I went more than a year before noticing that the problem was present and unreported.

Ariel Millennium Thornton.....2018-05-12 18:30:54 UTC