Inflecting Card Names


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I want to present cardnames to users with the correct inflections for the context.  

As a developer, I probably can do this sort of thing already, but maybe not in a regularized way.  I think the type liists refered to in the example already infliects with capitalize, it could add singularize.  As a wagneer, I may want to control this in name or link views (well any view that includes the name, titled, etc.)




Say I use a name like 'chapters' as a tag (on my wagn, that reference is in Book+*type+*stricturen where {{+chapters}} is used, and then I create a Cardtype card Chapter.  Now, I don't see 'Chapter' in the list of types, but Chapters.  I want to se the singular, capitalized form in the type list reguardless of the stored cardname.


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