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Computer geek living in San Diego, California.  Ex-pat of the Pacific Northwest.  Well versed in several scripting languages including Perl, Python, and Ruby.  Likes fine wine, moonlit walks on the beach, and cuddling.  Oh--sorry, forgot the website I was on.


Here's a documentation idea: Wagn for Wikipedians.


Support tickets I'm watching:


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Darn, I'd hoped to get to this today, but it doesn't look like I will.  Short answer is that, yes, there's a way!


Very cool that you did this.  I hadn't see

Here's how I would propose we do this:


 First need to enter all the urls for the subtitled videos:


Then we need to add this to howto video+*right+*structure (which configures all the X+howto cards):

At that point there will be two links on the cards card, so we'll want to take the current one off.


I doubt I got all that right, but it should be close :)


btw, Larry, I'm not assuming you'll do all the subtitle work, but whoever gets to it first can input the subtitle links above. Thanks again for initiating this.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Fri Dec 17 11:48:39 -0800 2010

I just noticed this, and it occurred to me that it might be a simpler alternative: using the "widgetizer" scriptlet that they publicize on the front page of their site. I'm not sure how you feel about loading a third party's JavaScript code on every page, but it would automatically enable Universal Subtitles for every video on the site, those existing now and those posted in the future, no further work required.

  --Larry Gilbert (Not signed in).....Sat Dec 18 16:27:06 -0800 2010



Hehe, hi Larry. Wagn was born in Eugene, OR (and i still live here). I like a lot of those things, but believe it or not still haven't coded in Ruby. Would love to hear about what you think of and/or do with Wagn... --John Abbe


Yeahhh! Willamette Valley REPRESENT. I was born and raised in Corvallis. I'm still trying to get the hang of Wagn, but I'm thinking I might use it for a knowledge base at the office. Just experimenting for now, but we'll see how it goes. --LG

cool. thanks for the edits too! and feel free to ask me any questions, or offer any feedback/input. --JA