What are packs?

They're basically a way to add capabilities to Wagn without changing the core Wagn code.  We want to make it easy for developers to extend Wagn and for Wagneers to make efficient use of these extensions.  We also want our solution to be as consistent as possible with the design principles that make Wagn special.


So....they're modules? 


Yes, packs are Wagn modules; we use the words as synonyms.  "Module" has the benefits and baggage of being a common term.   In general, when we're digging deep and really explaining how things work, we use "packs".  When we're making a passing reference to someone who doesn't know Wagn well, we use "modules".  As we build interface around installing and maintaining packs, we'll be using the term "pack", which sounds much less like Marvin-the-Martian-speak.