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The Coordinate or The Coordinate of Bodhi Minds, Inc. is a Non-Profit confederacy of Cooperative-Capitalist, Worker-Owned concerns. It serves in the capacity of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider and as the name elucidates, a resource and strategic agenda coordinating body. Its constituents range from the individual graphic design or rice crop consultants to large industrial engineering teams managing automated factories.

I envision an integration of wagn into a Discourse-centric site that could be considered a constituent relationship manager, thought it is for the imagined benefit of the constituent's interpersonal relationships I am most concerned.

During my feasibility study of Federated Wiki, which I appreciate very much I stumbled across project knew it was the best candidate for the knowledge-base platform of TalkinBranch's reference library.

My prototype will be a subscribing patron membership site based on WordPress/Discourse/Wagn with a Patreon Discourse plugin. With Diaspora* as my social network remedy to avoid parasitic attachment to facebook.

Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.

Though I deemed it feasible to utilize wagn as a CMS platform, the WordPress + Discourse SSO  plugin would at this time be foolish to pass on. The eventual goal is to white-label Rocket Chat as an Access Medium that predominantly features seamless integration of Discourse, Wagn, LibreOffice Online. I'm putting off any hard decision about abandoning


An online social world where the Patron is in control.

LibreOffice Online

Rocket Chat

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