When was the last time you saw a wiki that struck you as advancing the state of the art? —Mike Gunderloy, Rails Inside

Wagn lets you express fairly complex relationships in a way that's simple, but powerful. It's one of the freshest contributions to wiki since I coined the term. —Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki.

Way cool, very elegant. —Paul Hawken, Natural Capital Institute


When we decided to develop a “knowledge management” system for our foundation, we decided to look for a tool that would enable capturing and accessing information among anyone working for the common good in our service area. After a diligent search, we determined that Wagn was the only tool able to meet our needs.  In the 20+ years I have been working at nonprofits and with technology projects, I have never found more innovative, responsive, ethical and committed developers and project managers.  —Marie Deatherage, Meyer Memorial Trust


The most powerful approach i’ve seen adding structure to wiki. —John Abbe

Wagn provides a simple, flexible, and highly human-accessible means to structure data in a form that computers can understand. In the years that I've been following developments in Knowledge Representation and Natural Language Understanding, I haven't come across anything as fresh and promising as Wagn. —BrandonCsSanders, AboutUs.org

A simple and elegant way to extend wikis with boundless possibilities for new structure and organization. Nicely done! —Arthur Brock, TargetedCurrencies.net

Wagn addresses issues head-on, in a forward-thinking, innovative, and user-centered way. This kind of innovation represents the best of open-source culture. —Brian Kerr


I love this thing! —Brittany Sims


What a beautiful design. Wagn is the first wiki that really seems to take into account the way people think and work. Very, very elegant. —Aaron Nelson, Meyer Memorial Trust

So, are programmers obsolete now? —Jesse Hallett

Thank you for combining easy to use interface with some of the best existing complex/programmatic features to emerge from wiki culture. Very much looking forward to working with this platform more! —Sam Rose


This kind of outside-the-box thinking is so rare and valuable. —Jonathan Edwards


Wagn is the first real usable web 3.0 application, because web 3.0 is all about semantics. --Slavic