Rails application failed to start properly

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can't reproduce

Working with http://culturesmith.wagn.org/ and (off and on) trying to access http://www.wagn.org/ I get the error in the example after very long cycles of waiting for anything to happen. This has been happening since 1845ish pdt and the time is now 1906pdt.

Application error

Rails application failed to start properly


The load average got very high on the server but settled before I could figure out the cause.  Sorry about this.  I'll keep an eye on it.  

Thanks! I'll let you know if it happens again with as much detail as possible.

  --Brandon WilliamsCraig.....Sun Jun 20 13:10:29 -0700 2010

Just happened again. "Application error: Rails application failed to start properly" at http://culturesmith.com/wagn/Runequest_w_Don_McClure_and_the_Trollholers It happened when I requested changes on the card.

  --Brandon WilliamsCraig.....Tue Jul 27 15:42:28 -0700 2010