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Ralph Hickok

I'm a sports historian and writer who ran a major sports history website for nearly 20 years before updating and maintenance simply became too much for me. For some years, I've had the idea for a Professional Football Encyclopedia website. There are quite a few very good websites that offer statistical information on teams, coaches, and players, but none of them offers more substantive historical information, such as biographies, team histories, and histories of special topics, such as free agency, playoff formats, et cl.

I have put together a fairly complete list of the entries that such a website should cover, but I realize it's too be a project to be undertaken by just one person. I am a member of the Pro Football Researchers Association--which honored me with its 2008 Ralph E. Hay Award for “lifetime achievement in pro football research and historiography"--and I would like to put the site together with a help of selected members of that organization.