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A little taste of the great things folks are creating with Wagn:


Wikirate: community-driven corporate transparency


All of us know that companies deeply affect our lives.  None of us really knows exactly how.  It's incredibly difficult to get the information needed to understand even one company's hiring practices, supply chains, environmental impacts, etc.  And we all interact, directly or indirectly, with thousands of companies every day. was created to help us approach this daunting challenge.   As the name suggests, the site aims to integrate collaborative editing (wiki) with quantitative processing (rate).  Sounds like a job for Wagn!





California Air Resources Board: from research concept to reality


To address the air pollution challenges of the most populous state in the US, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has to manage knowledge well. Atmospheric science and clean air technology are heady stuff, and the board manages the intersection between the two.


Each year the board fields new research concept submissions, which must then be assessed by multiple reviewers to determine how best to allocate resources towards achieving cleaner air. With their Wagn website at they have now automated their concept submission process.


ARB Staff then privately use the same Wagn site to review the concepts, record reactions, assign scores, and generate reports.  With relatively minimal Wagn configuration, the board was able to create a powerful, effective team tool that not only made their lives easier, but also simplified the submission process for those presenting new research concepts.