Update: Thanks, 1.0-ward, Leads, and Wagneers



"Truly appreciate those around you, & you'll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, & you'll find that you have more of it." --Ralph Marston


Wagn 1.0 update


With the recent leaps forward in Wagn's performance and browser support, we're starting to hear the question: why are you still calling it 0.10.3?  Why not go ahead and call it 1.0?  Well, we're getting close, and we expect to reach that milestone in early 2009, but we're still working to make that an extremely high quality release.  The key areas of work remaining include some bugfixes (like restoring our nifty auto-save feature), community visibility (like showing user names on the recent changes page), and the kinds of features expected from any Web 2.0 site (like RSS feeds).


Looking for Leads



We're trying to fund continued development of Wagn through wagn-based web projects and would love references.  We're reaching out to social media gurus who might put Wagn in their toolkit and to foundations, nonprofits, and academic institutions who can use Wagn to further their missions.


Becoming a Wagneer


Our Become a Wagneer tutorial project helps people teach themselves to become expert Wagneers -- people who build cool structures and systems using Wagn. If you're into it, be a guinea pig and let us know how it turns out.