Wagn 0.13 - Ahh. Feels good.

0.13 is here.  1.0 is next.


After three years of exploration, innovation, and refinement, Wagn 1.0 is now less than a month away.  Our basic toolkit for our "Wiki on Wheels" is ready to roll. All that's left for 1.0 is a little time to breathe in, sweep out corners, squash a bug or two, and then throw open our doors.


Starter Kit


With our 0.13 release, getting going with a new Wagn is faster and friendlier than ever. New wagns come with configuration cards, simpler initial account setup, and a lot more cues to help ease your way in.


Improving our Images


For our existing users, new image and file handling is the most significant interface change.  No more crazy giants. Images are now automatically resized into four sizes for use in different contexts: icon, small, medium, and large. We now also retain old versions of images and files.


One Sleek Wiki


Wagn's getting slimmer. We streamlined an already svelte application quite a bit, from around 15,000 lines of original ruby code (excludes plugins and migrations) to about 14,000. Some of that came from spring cleaning, some from refactoring (like WQL, our query language, which lost weight and built muscle), and some from moving old code into new cards, which gives Wagneer powers once restricted to coders. Non-coders can configure their own Wagns, collaborate on default content for new Wagns, and help us internationalize our software.


On a Related Note


Our new Related tab, once a scary sight to newbies, is now like a mountain lake: clear (lots of inline cues), deep (subtabs), and broad (includes discussions and tagging). And you can even customize your own subtabs. In the typically Wagny way, the subtabs themselves are arranged and formatted by cards that you can edit.


The Tightmost Sitehost


A little more arcane but at least as important is our new support for hosting multiple wagns in a single Postgres database. This is already making our hosted Wagns snappier and our administrators happier.

Thank you ever so much. When can we hope for 1.0 release?

  --Jean (Not signed in).....Mon Jun 01 15:40:30 -0700 2009

We're aiming for June 10. Some of the delays have been due to client work, which is a good thing.

  --John Abbe.....Tue Jun 02 10:01:26 -0700 2009