representation / permissions


Wagn 0.8+Blurb



This is a major upgrade, and, like 0.7.0, you may have difficulty with data migrations from much lower versions.  If you are currently at 0.7.0 and somehow missed the 0.7.1 point release that followed, we recommend upgrading to 0.7.1 first.   For future reference, since things have changed so dramatically under the hood, we likely won't even try to support upgrading to 0.9 from lower versions without migrating to 0.8 first. 

Some things to pay attention to with this release:
  1. the layout has been simplified a little, so if you used a local.css to, say, adjust your logo height before, there's a good chance you won't need it now.
  2. you will probably want to revisit your global permissions settings.  We've broken things down more systematically now, with much more emphasis being given to the card permissions.