Wagn 1.1 - I'm a card watcher

Monitoring your website is great.  Scanning every 5 minutes in case you missed something?  Not so good.  You need a way to get notified when important things happen when you're not watching.  So now Wagn can "watch" for you.


As of Wagn 1.1, released on Aug 12, 2009, signed-in users can click "watch" on the footer of any card to receive emails about changes to that card.  You can also watch card "types" (Blogs, Tickets, Images, etc) and get updates about changes to any card of that type.


The 1.1 release, which runs on Ruby on Rails version 2.3, also improves installation and image uploads. 


Learn more about using notifications.

See Wagn 1.1 for upgrade notes and full details.