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PlainText : To: {{_left+email|naked}} Subject: Your Wagn is ready for you Hi {{_left+contact person|naked}}, Your Wagn is up and rolling. To get started setting up your site, go to {{_left|name}} It will prompt you to create an administrator account and then to start configuring. Our records currently indicate that you have not yet scheduled monthly payments. Our policy is to assume good faith, so we've gone ahead with the site setup, but we request that you [[|schedule payments online]] as soon as possible. Our payment procedure is still quite new and needs ironing out; please contact us if you encounter a problem. As mentioned on the registration, our current hosting fee is $20 per month. We're very grateful that you've agreed to purchase hosting with us and in so doing support the Wagn project. Note that the initial hosting commitment is for just 3 months, but you may upgrade at any time if you would like help crafting your wagn website or developing new features. You mentioned that you would like for {{_left+domain|naked}} to point to your website. For that to work, you will need to have your domain registrar point that domain to this IP address: Once that's working, our server will show your website to all visitors to {{_left+domain|naked}}. But we will still need to make it your default domain so visitors won't see {{_left|name}} in the browser. So please contact once your domain is pointing to our servers. If you'd like more help getting going with your Wagn, please contact us at -- The Wagn Team
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