I've always been interested in semi-structured, free-text like things, always looking out for something new. Disappointed by Chandler and JotSpot - does that get me in?


acuth+wiki is a card in its own right of type 'Basic' which means it just has one 'field' that allows you to do basic Wiki stuff.


This links to a card called

This is an example of a Fruit

which is a card typed to be a Fruit.


And another to How Does This work?


My question is how easily can I add a date, there may be a card type that holds a date but how do I use it? I guess I link to PartyDate


Does this comment end up as a card or as part of the description?

  --acuth.....Sat Jun 13 04:30:24 -0700 2009

Regarding the date... If you had a card named acuth's party that you planned to be the main page for the party and you wanted to add a date to the party you would include it in the party card by adding (edit this card to see how I did that), that would create a new card named acuth's party+date. You could also edit the party card to include and . If you planned on doing this a lot you could setup a Party cardtype with a standard format.

  --Scott Keeler.....Sat Jun 13 10:37:29 -0700 2009

Hi acuth - good to see you poking around here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


FYI, i changed Sandbox back to being a RichText card, so that people coming there for the first time won't be too confused and can play around with a more 'normal' card.

  --John Abbe.....Sun Jun 14 00:32:11 -0700 2009