add summary of edit being made



I'd like to quickly leave a note explaining why the change was made.

That space next to the save and cancel button looks like prime real estate for a summary text box. ;)

maybe do this or show changed text in line view on recent changes




This needs to be translated into a wagn context.  surely we don't want this on, say, every card in a multi-edit view.  If you do one per edit view, is it associated with all the edits?  Is it a setting?  Many wagns won't want it at all -- and many would revolt if it suddenly appeared.

Agreed. so, a "+*edit summary" that's a Toggle?


Multi-edit - one edit summary, attached to the root card.


How to store them? Could do it not as cards (bleah). Otherwise it's a lot of cards but I don't see any way around this. Every card gets "+*edit summary", a Pointer to a right form with +timestamp (so this waits until we have a cardtype that handles specificity to the level of seconds?) and a +notes Phrase (for the actual comments).

  --John Abbe.....Thu Jan 27 11:06:33 -0800 2011

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