always apply soft form



type form (coaching session on nurture wagn) created with no permissions

--Lewis Hoffman.....Sun Dec 09 20:38:15 PST 2007

Soft form should be applied whether i do it from the Related tab of a cardtype card (this works now), or click on New Card and select the type from the menu (this doesn't work now), or click on inclusion of a card that doesn't exist yet and select the type from the menu (the menu isn't even there yet to set a type).

--John Abbe.....Tue Jan 15 10:53:09 PST 2008

Seems like until recently, cardtypes were set correctly, even if content wasn't entered. But as of Wagn 0.10+2 at least, cardtypes are not set either - see where +status is Basic even though



elephant+secret is readable by anyone even though secret+*rform is not.


This is even a bigger deal now, because soft forms aren't applying when you do something like

Half-true. the cardtype is getting applied, but not the content. E.g. status+*right+*default

--John Abbe.....Thu Sep 25 04:27:22 -0700 2008

I think type and content are fixed now, and possibly permissions, but haven't tested that aspect.

--Lewis Hoffman.....Thu Oct 09 13:56:22 -0700 2008

Permissions don't work yet; see the example.

--John Abbe.....Tue Nov 18 16:46:18 -0800 2008

That's not how default permissions work. It goes to the more restrictive. See

--Ethan McCutchen.....Mon Dec 01 13:51:24 -0800 2008

(In other words, I think this ticket is done)

--Ethan McCutchen.....Mon Dec 01 13:51:35 -0800 2008

secret+*rform is more restrictive than the default (which is read by Anyone, as are both elephant and secret), so it should be applied, yes?

And content is not always being applied. Try creating a new card and setting it to Blog entry. No default content, despite:

DRAFT — To publish, remove this section and change this card's permissions to be viewable by Anyone.


Summary for mailing list:
















--John Abbe.....Mon Dec 01 15:30:38 -0800 2008

currently plus card permissions do not respect forms settings, whether hard or soft; they just take the more restrictive of the two part cards. seems like new ticket, medium pri.

the blog entry issue is one of a number of issues we encounter when switching cardtypes (like edit instructions). Soft forms are tricky in this context - they should be applied only when content is blank. If I type "Earlier today..." and then switch to Blog Entry, it should retain that text. This one is closer to the original ticket title, but I think a new narrower ticket makes sense here too.

--Ethan McCutchen.....Fri Dec 05 10:41:31 -0800 2008

add soft form content as cardtype menu changes
respect form setting on plus cards

--John Abbe.....Wed Dec 10 11:57:29 -0800 2008