I think blueprint is right for this.  The idea of this card is to design and coordinate the evolution of card names.

Some bits will be wanted for Decko 1.0, and the rest on the road to 2.0 with its target of being a networked platform.


Move the smartname gem into the main (wagn) repo

Backwards compatible to 1.0 (current ... decko 1.0 release synchronized).

Support multi-lingual names.

Support Networked Decks

Namespaces (maybe an implementation detail used for the two above)

Support modular extensions of name to key mappings

  singularize -> Inflections (multi-lingual issues)





So, smartname is still at 0.x versions, so we can release card_name-1.0 with decko-1.0. I guess we go from smartname-0.2.x to card_name-0.2.x+1 or 0.3.

--Gerry Gleason.....2015-06-08 22:03:33 +0000
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