expose Image cards metadata



How to specify image ownership, copyright, and license for images? Shouldn't it be built in?


Every image card could have a hard form associated with it (image+metadata?) with inclusions along the lines of:


_left [the image itself]



_left+*plus cards that include


Clicking on any image could take you to this card.


May want to do something similar for files.



Internally linking to [.[Image:Broadway_tower_edit.jpg]] will show only the image, but clicking on the image from a page where it's linked will take you to the image page by default.



Aren't there fields for attribution, description and license *in* image files themselves? Maybe Wagn could just expose those in automatically-generated cards. And if you edit the cards, it edits the file!

--John Abbe.....Mon Mar 03 16:12:59 PST 2008

Images do carry automatic metadata, although I believe it's usually just the camera it was taken with, resolution and other similar data. Who took the picture, the license (such as Creative Commons), and how to legally attribute the work are human created. The only problem is you don't want this data to be transcluded along with the picture when inserting it in another card.

--Scott Keeler.....Tue Mar 04 09:05:16 PST 2008

Something to research (metadata in image files). Whatever such stuff there is, we could expose card metadata in cards to show it, overriding the relevant cards in the above solution, or...?.

--John Abbe.....Thu Jul 10 08:37:16 -0700 2008

also see put image plus *alt and *title in image alt and title tags

  --John Abbe.....Wed Aug 26 17:08:23 -0700 2009

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