You can add a file ending to the name of a card to get the card content back in other formats.  Currently supported formats include .html, .htm, .txt, .css, and .rss.



Add the following to any normal cardname:

  • .txt — MIME type: text/plain, layout=none, view=naked
  • .css — MIME type: text/css, layout=none, view=naked
  • .htm or .html — same as with no file ending (MIME type: text/html)
  • .rss — returns a feeds (MIME type: application/rss+xml).


  • Most of the tips about web address for everything apply to file types as well.
  • The .htm/.html ending does not change the default behavior.


There is some support for image formats now, you can just add ".jpg" and you'll get just the file, and you can still add a size like "?size=small". If you guess the wrong format, Wagn will auto-correct that to the right file ending. (It uses ".jpeg" - would it be easy to make that ".jpg" which is far more common?)

Can we get a list of the image formats we work with now?


--John Abbe